The Greatest Thing I Ever Ate: Il Porchetta In Alidoro, New York

Jun 16, 2013 1861

by Tom Greaney

Alidoro, on Sullivan Street in New York, is a place famed for rude service as much as it is for Italian sandwiches. On my first visit I walked in, it was unusually empty; I stepped up to the counter, stood there for 5 minutes until the grumpy sandwich man casually walked over to me and muttered "No bread."

Other times I had tried to go but the queue was out the door, or I wouldn't have enough dollars for the cash only place. It was always so close but still out of reach.

Then on this one day around lunchtime I'm famished and I have enough money in my pocket to buy one. These are madly priced sandwiches at around 14 dollars a pop. Yet, no one seems to mind hence the daily lines out the door. 

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