All Roads Lead to Rome: Acqua Pazza, Wellen Park's new Italian restaurant

Mar 01, 2024 1004

BY: Laura Paquette

One evening in January, a cold rain drizzles down on Downtown Wellen Park in Venice, FL, splashing off the colored shade awnings meant for cheerier weather. Most people are probably at home, snuggling under fluffy blankets, sipping hot cups of coffee and scrolling through sun-soaked destinations on Instagram.

But those who brave the weather this particular night will be rewarded with a whirlwind culinary journey through Italy at Acqua Pazza Coastal Italian, a new concept in Downtown Wellen Park from brothers David and Dennis Valentino and Mark Costanzo. They are also owners of Donato’s Italian Restaurant, as well as Claw & Co. and The Banyan House Restaurant, which are helping to define the spirit of Wellen Park.

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