BOCCA is the new Italian restaurant of your dreams. Don’t miss its opening on 2nd Ave. this February!

Jan 29, 2020 316

BY: Irene Richardson

It’s time to break out your high school Italian. Beloved French restaurant Bistro 218 is opening a sister Italian ristorante, BOCCA. You don’t have to wait long, homemade pasta and fresh bread will be at your fingertips on 2nd Ave. downtown next month! I would trust these chefs with my life.

You might think this is an exaggeration, but have you tasted the food at Bistro 218? Magical. On the leaderboard for the new establishment are co-owners Chef de Cuisine Ché Gravy Gaines, Sr. alongside Executive Chef Tom Saab. Both currently run the kitchen at Bistro 218, so you know you’re in good hands.

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