Casa D’ Angelo Boca Raton: Italian Excellence at Angelo’s House

Nov 06, 2019 437

BY: Kenny Spahn

For over two decades, Casa D’ Angelo in Ft. Lauderdale has stood amongst the elite echelon of top restaurants (and arguably THE best Italian restaurant) in Broward County, under Chef / Owner Angelo Elia.   Chef Angelo grew up in Salerno, Italy, where he learned authentic Italian cooking the real way – in his mother’s kitchen.

Here, along with his father (a local butcher), Angelo learned to use fresh, locally-sourced meats, fish, and garden-fresh vegetables & herbs. “Farm-to-table” was not just a hip trend for Angelo – it was his way of life. So when the award-wining chef brought his eponymous ristorante to Boca Raton in 2008, I was thrilled — but cautiously skeptical if the master chef’s Tuscan-inspired magic might get a bit lost in the translation, as so often happens.

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