Executive Chef, Luca Annunziata, Announces New Restaurant in Uptown Charlotte: forchetta Italian Kitchen

Jun 24, 2019 368

forchetta (forˈket.ta)is the new restaurant concept from the mind of award-winning Executive Chef Luca Annunziata. forchetta’s menu is handcrafted with high quality and locally sourced ingredients, featuring inspiration from across Italy. Chef Luca began his unique culinary career under his mother’s guidance in Naples, Italy, where he developed a deep love for the art of cooking. His passion led him to travel around the world and granted him over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Chef Luca completed his culinary training in San Moritz, Switzerland at the prestigious Suvretta House St. Moritz, a Five-Star World Class establishment. He then lived and worked in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and France. He eventually moved to New York, where he had the pleasure of working at the Hearst Corporation with Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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SOURCE: https://finance.yahoo.com/

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