Fiorella Italian Bistro Is a Creative Addition to Sarasota’s Italian Food Scene

Sep 13, 2022 189

BY: Lauren Jackson

Fiorella Italian Bistro has opened on Tuttle Road, near Bee Ridge. Owner Francesco Giovannucci, who hails from the Abruzzo region of Italy, has been working on the concept since before the Covid-19 pandemic, but waited to open until things quieted down.

“I like the fusion of French and Italian,” says Giovannucci. His passion for both cuisines is evident in his menu. While it skews Italian, there are touches of French influences throughout. The tournedos Rossini, a filet topped with foie gras and porcini cream sauce, is a prime example. The dish is finished with black truffle shavings, which rain from above as Giovannucci grates them onto the plate.

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