Jay Luigi brings 5-star Roman-, and NY-style pizza to St. Pete

Jun 18, 2022 208

BY: Andrew Harlan

Jay Luigi is quaint in size, but bountiful in flavor. This exquisite restaurant along the sprawling 4th Street North corridor is hard to miss with its vibrant Vitale Bros mural out front. An intimate indoor dining area proceeds what appears to be a private oasis. Walls of greenery submerge Jay Luigi guests in a garden of Italian delights.

The restaurant’s naturally fermented wild yeast Roman and Neapolitan pizzas, fresh pastas, and personal plays on traditional Italian small plates make it the next big thing in St. Pete. The Ciccio Restaurant Group (Fresh Kitchen, Better Byrd, Sweet Soul, etc.) group formally partnered with Forbici Modern Italian co-founder Jason Brunetti and his team to launch its new Italian dining division. Jay Luigi is the first restaurant to come from the collaboration.

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SOURCE: https://ilovetheburg.com

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