Paoletti’s Celebrates 70!

Nov 28, 2023 780

BY: Marlene Osteen

Few restaurants last 10 years, let alone 70. With its original proprietors having first set up shop in 1953, Paoletti’s has seen it all – from the War in Vietnam to Covid lockdowns, through blizzards and recessions. It is proudly the most resilient of businesses on the Plateau. And its history is the history of the Paoletti family.

Their story began in 1930 when Arturo and Rita Paoletti arrived in Ellis Island from Trisungo, their beloved town in the Marche region of Italy, with their children Maria and Luigi. In 1951, having spent more than 2 decades in pursuit of “the American Dream’, they moved to Miami. Not much later Rita decided that their new home was the ideal location for an Italian restaurant.

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