A Taste of Authentic Italy at Hilton Head Island: Our Gusto Ristorante Experience

Sep 04, 2023 202

Hilton Head Island is chock-full of places to eat, but if you’re craving some truly delicious Italian food, I’ve got just the spot for you. On our recent family trip, we stumbled upon Gusto Ristorante. Now, I’ve been to a fair share of Italian places, but this one? It’s easily one of the best Italian restaurants at Hilton Head Island. Let me share our delightful experience with you.

At Gusto Ristorante, it’s clear they know their stuff. Their Northern Italian influence shines bright, and every dish is made with a lot of love. This isn’t just by chance; Chef Giancarlo Balestra from Rome and Chef Rosario Limonio from Naples are the masterminds here. Their touch is magic, and you can taste the tradition in every bite.

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SOURCE: https://www.akronohiomoms.com

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