A Trip to Angelina’s Italian Markets in North Carolina

Jun 26, 2024 155

BY: Low Country Bella

Angelina's is an Italian market treasure in the Carolinas. You’ll find them in Waxhaw, North Carolina, which is a suburb of Charlotte. Co-owner Mariel LoRe is quite young, however this business is in her blood. Her father owned Enzo’s Italian Market in Matthews, NC. 

Small world story: Enzo's was my first experience with an Italian store in the South. I moved to Matthews in 2005 from the center of Charlotte. For a long time, it felt remote and far from civilization. Little by little, businesses started opening, with Enzos debuting in 2009. Even better, it was a stone's throw from my house. 

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SOURCE: https://appetitomagazine.com/

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