Extraordinary Italian Taste Master Classes in Bentonville AR (Nov. 15) and Fort Worth TX (Nov. 18)

Nov 06, 2019 638

Brightwater Culinary School: Bentonville, Arkansas. Featuring chefs Matthew Cooper and Giancarlo Ferrara. Friday, November 15, 9-12 p.m. 1-4 p.m. Tarrant Area Food Bank: Fort Worth, Texas. Monday, November 18, 9-12 p.m. professional focus 1-4 p.m. general admission $25. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Texas, in collaboration with VisitBentonville and Fort Worth Sister Cities, is proud to present this year’s Italian Gourmet Foods Master Classes. These educational events offer chefs, culinary students, and food and wine lovers the opportunity to learn more about authentic Italian products and foodways. Presenters will focus on authenticity, traceability, food and wine pairings, and how to use traditional Italian food products in the kitchen.

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SOURCE: https://www.iacctexas.com/

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