First Look: Enzo's Deli & Imports Brings Sandwiches and Italian Goodies to Plano

Feb 02, 2024 751

BY: Hank Vaughn

If you feel like going to Jimmy’s for a sandwich, pasta, wine or a jar of marinated bell peppers but live way out there in Farthest North Dallas or Plano, you’re in luck. Enzo’s Deli & Imports opened last December near Preston and Spring Creek, and while it’s nowhere near as large as Jimmy’s, with its limited shelf space for those bottled Italian goodies and a single deli case, it’ll do in a pinch.

Enzo’s is the creation of Michael Martin, who also owns the Corner Wines & Wine Bar. It's conveniently enough attached to the new deli, sharing space and tables. Shop for a bottle of Chianti or two while you wait for your sandwich to be created.

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