Italian Dip sandwich is a good reason to go to Castalano's Deli

Oct 17, 2019 250

It seems a little too easy to drive by Castalano's Deli on Park Avenue in Houma. Indeed, the sign out front that announces that the dining room can still have room when the small parking lot is full practically admits it. Craving some sort of Italian sandwich last week, I tried it for the first time and found, at the very least, it's a great place if you're craving Italian sandwiches.

The Meatball Poboy and Muffaletta were tempting, but their Italian Dip caught my eye. Think of it as a Muffaletta without the olive salad but with spicy Italian sausage, with generous portions of pepperoni, Genoa salami and Provolone cheese, with lightly sauteed onions and bell peppers.

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