Osteria Il Muro Puts Italy on Denton's Map

Jul 27, 2022 447


Osteria Il Muro in Denton is a little Italian restaurant that specializes in house-made everything — from cured meats to fresh hand-rolled pasta to semifreddo. The place seats just 24 diners, by reservation only, and the one-page menu can change daily, based on seasons and the mood of chef and owner Scott Girling.

Girling met his wife in Denton, where they attended school before moving to Italy. There, he worked in kitchens and built his culinary resume. They couldn’t stay away forever, and Denton was dear to their hearts, so once they returned and found a quaint 80-year-old home off the beaten path, the plan was set.

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SOURCE: https://www.dallasobserver.com

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