Where To Eat Italian Food In New Orleans

Jun 04, 2021 153

BY: Andrew Cotto

Italian influence in New Orleans culture typically takes a second fiddle to more indiginous and inarguably dominant inspirations. And while jazz’s creation in New Orleans is credited to African-Americans, the Italians of the city, most notably Nick LaRocca and Louis Prima, can safely be assigned a supporting role.

Of course, while the cuisine of the Crescent City is rooted in French origins, with its Cajun and Creole adaptations, Italian food has been a part of the city’s smorgasbord since the late 19th century, when immigrants from Italy arrived en masse. (The Muffaletta sandwich is a tasty reminder of the city's Italian legacy.) A testimony to this culinary contribution can be found today in a robust collection of Italian restaurants, a mix of old-world and new-school approaches to the Italian table.

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SOURCE: https://www.lacucinaitaliana.com

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