Who makes the best lasagna? End the debate. End hunger in New Mexico

May 22, 2015 1145

No matter what the occasion, we always talk about Italian food...which seems to always end up in heated discussions about who makes the BEST lasagna!!!
Basta! Now you can put your recipe where your mouth is and get bragging rights while doing a good deed for New Mexico's children. Our State is again #1 in the nation for child hunger and we thought a good old pasta war can help out - even just a bite.

So if you're up to the challenge, donate your detailed recipe, a .jpeg photo of your lasagna or pasticcio dish and be published in the ultimate guide to lasagna! Or, you can donate however much you wish - our partner bank has set up an independent account for donations, proceeds from recipe book sales, sponsorships and fund raising events which will benefit grassroots local food programs throughout New Mexico, managed by volunteers who need small funding for big results.

AND, if you REALLY believe your recipe is the best, come present your creation at the final cook-off event in Taos in December 2015, where we will present the cookbook to the public who will vote for its favorite lasagna dish - you might win a trip to Italy for two to taste the traditional Lasagna alla Bolognese!
If you are in Taos on June 2nd - Festa della Repubblica - join us for THE GREAT LASAGNA DEBATE KICK-OFF DINNER where we will taste Chef Rene' Mettler's "The Trading Post Roman Lasagna" dish especially created for our cookbook. Giftbag includes great region of Lazio and City of Rome info kindly sent to us by the Regione Lazio.

So let's end the debate of the best lasagna recipe with the best way Italian cuisine can be used - ending hunger by feeding our kids.

For more information, to organize the Great Lasagna Debate cook-off in your area, to be a Project Partner or Sponsor, to send a recipe or to make a donation. Contact us at [email protected]

Source: The Italian Cultural Society of Taos

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