How Jimmy Kimmel Changed Chef Chris Bianco's Life

Oct 10, 2022 425

BY: Adrianna MacPherson

Fans of Netflix's "Chef's Table" likely tuned in to the latest edition, "Chef's Table: Pizza," in which the streaming platform spotlighted the culinary staple by following a few chefs renowned for their pizza prowess. Per IMDb, the first season of this edition of the show followed chefs from Kyoto to Rome, showcasing their expertise and their perspective on the culinary world.

In addition to traveling the world in search of the best pizzaiolos, Netflix made a few stops across the United States, following chefs in Minneapolis, Portland, and Phoenix — the latter being the original home base for chef Chris Bianco. Bianco has established quite the reputation for himself over the years, creating legendary pizzas that customers just can't get enough of, as well as other exemplary Italian fare. 

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