9 Italian Classic Cars That Define Automotive Elegance

Jun 18, 2023 612

BY: Jason Garbutt

No gearhead can resist an Italian classic. Italy after all gave rise to the supercar, with Lamborghini rewriting the rules in 1966. But what if elegance is your thing and not speed? Luckily Italy is also home to some of the finest automotive designers the world over. You only have to look at Pininfarina, Carrozzeria, and Giugiaro to recognize Italy does automotive art better than anyone else.

So good are these masters that Ferrari for decades only trusted Pininfarina for its elegant sports cars. In fact, all of Italy's carmakers have turned to the famous designer at one time or another. But even Italy's carmaker's in-house design teams can roll out the wheeled equal of the Cistine Chapel. Art or elegance it would appear is something to do with Italian bloodlines. 

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SOURCE: https://www.hotcars.com

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