Alessandria and its food and wine traditions: from villages to castles

Sep 01, 2021 184

Alessandria possesses a diversified historical and artistic heritage, with deep-rooted content in the territory and in popular culture, often defined as a mosaic, made up of many pieces, individually beautiful, that generate an incomparable overall design of the territory. As stated in the municipal coat of arms, the city's motto is "Deprimit elatos, levat Alexandria stratos", or, "Alexandria humbles the proud and exalts the humble".

Piedmont is a land of excellent wines and good food prepared according to popular traditions, satisfying any palate. Gourmets in these parts will never be disappointed. The recipes of the Alessandria cuisine are part of the popular tradition of Monferrato, but they also have a lot in common with Ligurian and Provençal cuisine. 

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