The Appiano House Museum, Sicilian Wunderkammer

Nov 25, 2019 811

The oldest part of Ragusa is home to six coffers full of 18th- and 19th-century treasures: the six rooms of the Appiano House Museum, created by organist Salvatore Appiano in the baroque heart of the Sicilian city. “The idea was passed down to me from my grandparents”, the collector explained to local newspaper “Ragusanews”.

“My family was originally from Trento, where we descended from the Appiano princes; it was a family of art enthusiasts for generations – as well as artists, musicians, painters, and even popes, like Pope Urban VI (1386). I was born with a passion for anything related to the art I protected, but my growing interest made items more valuable and allowed me to open the house to the public. Today, over 300 people come to visit every month.”

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