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Aprica (1180 m a.s.l.) lies on the Alpine Pass of the same name, which connects the Valtellina with the Valcamonica, in the province of Brescia. This was an ancient communication route for pilgrims, soldiers and merchants that came down from the Bernina and were directed to the Po valley.

Today Aprica is a both winter and summer vacation resort that spreads on a green basin surrounded by the nature of the Park of the Orobie Valtellinesi (the slope of the Bergamasque Alps belonging to Valtellina) with the botanic treasures of the Pian di Gembro Natural Reserve and of the Observatory of the Alpine Eco – Fauna that hosts a marvellous specimen of brown bear. Choose Aprica for alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, ski mountaineering and snowshoes: lifts, ski runs and trails, ski-schools and routes can satisfy any desire of yours.

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SOURCE: https://www.in-lombardia.it/

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