Bellissimo: A Visual Tour of the Ferrari Museum(s)

Aug 03, 2019 745

BY: Ken Saito

If you love cars, any trip to Italy isn’t complete without a visit to Modena, Italy’s ‘Motor City’ and home to Ferrari. Go to Modena any day of the year and the town is practically painted red from all the Ferrari flags and banners and related businesses. There are Ferrari-themed restaurants, cafés, hotels, and of course rental-car shops. You can literally eat, sleep, and drive Ferrari.

But if you want to truly immerse yourself in the history of the storied marque while getting up close with some of its iconic cars, a trip the pair of Ferrari museums is just the ticket. Once you’ve accepted the fact that these facilities are in many ways tourist traps, they’re quite a good way to kill some time. The entry fees are €17 ($19) each or €20 ($22) for a pass for both. That’s probably the best Ferrari-related deal in the world.

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