Bologna Celebrates 150 Years of Guglielmo Marconi and His Global Legacy

Apr 21, 2024 1174

BY: Alex Sakalis

150 years ago next week, one of the world’s most influential people, often described as the inventor of radio, was born in Bologna. Guglielmo Marconi altered the course of human history forever when he sent the first radio signal from his home in the Bologna countryside in 1894. Now, 150 years after his birth, his homeland is paying tribute in a big way. 

“Marconi Days” — a program of concerts, shows and talks — will culminate with a large celebration on the inventor’s birthday, April 25. Held at Villa Griffone, the Marconi family’s country house a few miles outside Bologna in Pontecchio Marconi, the event will include a scientific conference featuring 2023 Nobel Laureate in Physics Anne L’Huillier and NASA astrophysicist Mark Clampin. 

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