'Truffle tourism' worth 63 million euros in Italy

Nov 24, 2018 2507

BY: Clare Speak

Truffle fairs and truffle hunting tours have attracted some 120,000 visitors to Italy this year so far. Truffle hunting season is in full swing in Italy, and famous fairs and festivals dedicated to the unique flavour of the tartufo bianco, or white truffle, are held everywhere from Piedmont to Tuscany this month.

Across Italy there are some 115 regional events dedicated to truffles, mainly in Piedmont, Molise, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria and Emilia-Romagna. Plus there are countless ‘truffle hunting’ tours, hikes, cooking classes and tastings aimed at satisfying Italy’s truffle-hungry visitors.

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it

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