Bosa: a picturesque colorful village among the most beautiful in Italy

Apr 12, 2020 264

BY: Alfred Runo

The north-west coast of Sardinia boasts numerous resorts that welcome tourists from all over the world every year: from the Sinis Peninsula to the town of Alghero, and then continue to the Porto Conte Regional Park which houses the famous Neptune's Cave until north western end characterized by low and slightly rocky coasts, white sand and crystal clear sea.

Among the many places that you can cross during your stay on the island, you cannot overlook Bosa, the ancient colorful village on which the millennial Malaspina Castle stands. Located between Oristano and Alghero, Bosa assumed in 1499 (during the Aragonese and Spanish domination) the title of “royal city” which defined it as one of the seven main urban centers of the entire island. 

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