‘Threads of God’: Rarest Pasta in the World Is Found Only in Sardinia

Apr 04, 2019 1762

BY: Jerry Finzi

In the small Sardinian town of Nuoro, there are very few people who still know how to make what many say is the rarest type of pasta in Italy and perhaps the whole world… Su filindeu (in Sardinian dialect), and in Italian, Fili di Dio, can be translated as either wires, yarns or threads of God. You might think of this pasta as the elevated and rarer version of angel hair pasta.

Filindeu is tied to a religious ritual celebrated in the town of Lula. La Festa di San Francesco is held on May 1 at the Chiesa della Solitudine di Nuoro. Oddly, this celebration is tied to a killing in the year 800 AD. Accused of murder and being hunted down for his crime, a young man claimed innocence and took refuge in a cave about 15 miles from Nuoro.

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SOURCE: https://www.orderisda.org

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