The breathtaking experience of touching the sky on Skyway Monte Bianco

Oct 09, 2023 283

Horizons expand and all boundaries seem to fade away when you reach an altitude of 3,466 meters. Suspended between the sky and the mountains above 4,000 m, Courmayeur's futuristic cable car takes you to the foot of the granite rock giants, surrounded by millennial glaciers and perennial snow.

Skyway Monte Bianco perfectly embodies the ice dream of Count Dino Lora Totino, who envisioned a ropeway connection between Italy and France in the 1930s. Since its inauguration in 2015, the cable car has been whisking mountain enthusiasts at 3.466m, taking them on a breathtaking journey through the three stations of Courmayeur/The Valley, Pavillon/The Mountain and Punta Helbronner/The Sky. 

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