Brunello Cucinelli School of Arts and Crafts Inspires Italian Tradition

Aug 27, 2020 634

Brunello Cucinelli Spa is one of the most important cashmere manufacturers in the world. Their headquarters are based in Solomeo, Italy – a lovely small medieval town in the province of Perugia. As the luxury Italian fashion company began growing, Mr. Cucinelli purchased the ruins of a 14th-century castle to refurbish – and in 1985 they made the town the headquarters.

As the company continued to grow they invested more and more into the community of Solomeo and the workers – paying 20% more than the average wage, ending the work day at 5:30 and discouraging working after that time. Each working day, everything closed for a 90 minute, heavily-subsidized lunch. “People need their rest,” Cucinelli always said. “If I make you overwork, I have stolen your soul.”

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