Christmas in Marche: World’s Largest Live Nativity Scene, Vincigrassi and Cavallucci

Dec 19, 2020 423

Marche is a hilly region in central Italy. The name of the region derives from the plural name of “marca”, originally referring to the medieval March of Ancona where the region at that time was a border or buffer zone between the Church and the Empire around 1100. Urbino, one of Marche’s major cities, was the birthplace of Raphael, as well as a major center of Renaissance history.

Largest Live Nativity Scene in the World. Spanning 300,00 square meters (more than 984,000 sq ft) that includes the manger scene tucked into the Frasassi caves, the small Marche town of Genga has been hosting the largest live nativity in the world. Amici del Presepe is the association that organizes the and for a small fee that goes to charity, visitors can meet roughly 300 performers acting as shepherds, fishermen, peasants as they walk through the live nativity.

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