The Enrico Caruso National Museum will be soon opened in Naples

Feb 18, 2023 786

Among the greatest tenors of all time, an Italian "voice" in the world, an absolute interpreter of bel canto and the Neapolitan tradition, but also a caricaturist, an entrepreneur of himself and the embodiment of a personal social redemption.

Right in the midst of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of his birth, Enrico Caruso (Feb. 25, 1873 - Aug. 2, 1921) will finally have his first national museum, at the Palazzo Reale in his native Naples, the city from which everything started and to which he now returned a star.

The new museum, to the opening of which the mayor of New York and the director of the Metropolitan I'Opera House have also been invited, will be a living, multimedia museum and will offer a comprehensive itinerary on Caruso, including recordings, memorabilia, costumes, gramophones, caricatures, and sheet music with autographed signs, thanks to a donation from the Pituello Fund (worth an estimated €1 million) and the collaboration of partners from around the world, such as the Ricordi and Puccini Archives, major opera houses like San Carlo, La Scala and the Metropolitan, and the Cineteca di Bologna, which directed the restoration and voice synchronization work on the film My Cousin.

On Feb. 25, first celebration of 150 years at the San Carlo's Memus Museum with also the donation to the Caruso Museum of the tenor's birth and death records, preserved from the City's archives.

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