Exploring Pistoia. The Italian Capital of Culture for 2017

Jan 02, 2017 425

By Ben Carson

Next year promises to be big for Pistoia. This little-known town in the north of Tuscany has just been chosen as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2017. And as the world's press turn their spotlights on the town, we discover there's a lot to like about this unassuming place.

Pistoia, snuggled at the foot of the Appenines, has always suffered by comparison to its 'big sisters', Florence and Pisa. It's close to both these popular destinations but so far it has kept a pretty low profile on the tourist scene, visited only by the culture cognoscenti and people looking for something a bit more off the beaten track. So it was that when Pistoia beat big hitters like Como and Pisa to become the new Capital of Culture, even the pistoiesi were a little surprised.

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