Extra virgin oil, an enemy of intestinal cancer

Oct 28, 2018 339

Daily consumption of extra virgin oil helps prevent and control bowel tumors . The discovery is from the research group Antonio Moschetta at the University of Bari, thanks to a study supported by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (Air), published in the magazine Gastroenterology.

Extra Virgin Virgin Oil ̵ explains Moschetta – is rich in oleic acid, a substance that can regulate cell proliferation. In preclinical studies we have been able to simulate altered genes and conditions of intestinal inflammation, which shows that administering a diet enriched with oleic acid can guarantee significant health benefits. These positive effects also appear to be due to the presence of the Scd1 enzyme in the intestinal epithelium, which acts as the main regulator for the production of oleic acid in our body. "

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SOURCE: https://vaaju.com/

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