Ferrari Museum offers doubleheader of special exhibits

Jul 02, 2019 550

BY: Larry Edsall

“90 Years” and “Hypercars” are concurrent exhibits at the Ferrari Museumin Maranello, Italy, where the showcase of the company’s motorsports history and of its cars “that signaled landmark advances in the marque’s technological evolution” run through April 2020. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the launch of Scuderia Ferrari, founded in Modena on November 16, 1929 by Enzo Ferrari.

“The team which began using Alfa Romeo cars was first known as Società Anonima Scuderia Ferrari. It quickly sped to prominence on both the Italian and world stages, rapidly entrusting its cars to the leading drivers of the day in categories of all kinds,” the museum said recently as it opened the special exhibits. 

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