The festival di Sanremo: a true Italian tradition

Feb 03, 2023 280

BY: Anna De Filippo

It’s no secret that music is important to Italians. Singing is part of our own history and tradition. And we know how to celebrate our passion. Traditional Italian music has had, since the 1950s, a most prestigious event followed by the entire country: the Festival di Sanremo. The Festival di Sanremo is also known as Il Festival della Canzone Italiana, the festival of Italian music.

It takes place at the famous theatre Ariston in Sanremo where, for a week Italian singers and performers propose original songs, written just for the occasion. Entrepreneur Pier Busseti organized the first Festival di Sanremo. In 1951, radios broadcasted the show for the first time. Italians embraced the Festival straight away, and the love for its music and allure never quivered. 

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