Florence has its urban vineyard: “Vigna Michelangelo” (Donne Fittipaldi) at Piazzale Michelangelo

Mar 21, 2024 859

One can only imagine the splendor of Florence that was once pristine and untainted, where vines were cultivated from Chianti to Santa Maria Novella, when agriculture and urbanism shared the same soil. Images that live suggestive to this day only in the toponymy from Via della Vigna Vecchia to Via della Vigna Nuova to Via Il Prato, once rich in greenery and flowers.

That ancient charm lost in history and industrial revolutions and that finds space today in initiatives of high symbolic value. Such as the one desired by Maria Menarini Fittipaldi, together with her four daughters Valentina, Carlotta, Giulia and Serena, prompted by the ever-creative communicator Gianni Mercatali, and with the work of contemporary oenologist Emiliano Falsini and agronomic technician Stefano Bartolomei. 

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SOURCE: https://winenews.it

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