Food tour of Sicily: all the taste itineraries from west to east

Mar 17, 2022 285

BY: Clara Amico

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Sicily to discover the beautiful landscapes and history of the island, you absolutely must know all the food tours to include in your trip! There are many food tours in Sicily that allow you to immerse yourself in the most authentic Sicily and discover, in every dish, a piece of history, the culture of a place, a millennial legend. 

In your journey, from Trapani to Messina, you can taste the enogastronomic delights and the traditional recipes of every place and live unforgettable taste experiences. Whether it is street food, local markets or starred restaurants, in this article we want to take you to the discovery of the most hidden and interesting taste itineraries, where you can taste fresh foods and the food and wine excellences of the territory. 

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