A Foodie’s Guide to Northwest Italy

Oct 30, 2017 995

BY: Annie Kruntcheva

It’s easy to get lost wandering the maze of charming streets in Genoa, but your biggest challenge will be navigating the mouthwatering cuisine of this splendorous city in Northwest Italy. We all know (and love) pizza, pasta and gelato, and, of course, Italy is, the place to sample those heavenly delights, but the region has much more to offer. Whether you’re travelling on a budget or you are simply hungry for an authentic taste of Italy (literally), there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Here’s my experience with the beautiful country’s incredibly delicious cuisine.

Espresso culture is undeniably Italian. And let me tell you, all the rumours of this cornerstone of Italian life I had heard prior to my trip were confirmed by my first few visits to Genoa’s cafés. In fact, my very first sip of espresso couldn’t have been more quintessentially Italian: sitting on a bustling Genoan street, my teeny shot of espresso was served with a dollop of freshly whipped cream to the sound of a local busker filling the morning air with sweet, Italian melodies. The espresso shots are, however, tiny, so two sips later I was already on my way.

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