The Grand Hotel of Rimini: Fellini's Second Home

Feb 02, 2023 166

As most millennials, I have often had to make do by working odd jobs that had little to do with my university studies. One of the most random, and yet absurdly incredible, of these was working at the front desk of the Grand Hotel in Rimini. Yes, that one, Federico Fellini’s second home.

Federico Fellini, a towering figure of the 20th century and one of the greatest directors of all time, is indelibly linked with the glittering heyday of Rimini, when the Romagna Riviera attracted hordes of tourists and members of the international jet set for its discos and lidos. Much of the region’s appeal, which still echoes today, can be attributed to the charisma of Fellini and the mark he left on this slice of Italy.

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