IAP 156: understanding the 2020 Italian constitutional referendum with special guest Umberto Mucci of We the Italians

Sep 15, 2020 1000

BY: Stephanie Longo

Well Podcast fans, its time once again to turn our eyes to our beloved Motherland for the continuing drama that is Italian politics, as our cousins across the Atlantic are gearing up for the latest constitutional referendum facing voters in the Italian Republic –including those living abroad like the many Italian American dual citizens here in the United States. 

On September 20-21, Italians will go to the polls (or vote by mail) to decide whether or not to approve a constitutional law that amends the Italian Constitution in various aspects, most notably reducing the number of Members of Parliament between the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate from a whopping 945 to just 600, cutting over 1/3 of the seats in both houses!

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanpodcast.com

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