ITA: Italy's new national airline takes off as Alitalia name lives on

Oct 15, 2021 621

Italy's new national airline ITA takes to the skies on Friday 15 October after Alitalia made its final voyage last night, with a flight from Rome to Cagliari. ITA, whose full name is Italia Trasporto Aereo, replaces Alitalia which ceased operating yesterday after 74 years. On the eve of its launch, however, ITA bought the Alitalia brand and naming rights for €90 million, down from the original €290 million asking price.

This means that the state-backed ITA will be allowed to use its predecessor's identity, including website domain, brand, livery and uniforms, and crucially the permanent right to use the Alitalia name. ITA's maiden voyage will be from Rome to Milan Linate, set to depart Fiumicino airport at 06.30 on Friday morning. 

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