Italy: RAI unveils the Sanremo 2022 stage

Jan 23, 2022 416

Ciao Europa, this is Sanremo calling! RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, has unveiled the iconic 2022 Sanremo stage. Italy is gearing up in true style for the iconic 2022 Sanremo Song Festival. The Italian national broadcaster has revealed the grandiose stage for the forthcoming music event. The 2022 Sanremo stage has been designed by Gaetano and Maria Chiara Castelli. 

Gaetano has designed the Sanremo stage for the 20th time whilst Maria Chiara has worked on the stage for the 8th time. "When we met Amadeus in August, he asked us to maintain the scale and position of the orchestra, with the appropriate distances, but to imagine something different, a design between past and future. Nothing vintage, however: rather, as proposed by Amadeus, a ‘restyling’ of the classic." 

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