The labyrinth of Bufalini Castle in Umbria, one of the oldest in the world

May 28, 2024 130

In the heart of theUpper Tiber Valley, the Umbrian Valtiberina, stands one of the most interesting 15th-century architectural complexes in Italy: the Bufalini Castle in San Giustino, a town of ten thousand inhabitants between Sansepolcro and Città di Castello. The castle is located right in the center of the town, protected by an ancient wall that partially conceals its appearance from the eyes of those passing by on the road.

This building, now a state museum placed under the management of the Regional Directorate of Umbria, was born as a military fortress and there are records of it as early as the 13th century. In 1393, the entire fiefdom of San Giustino passed to the Dotti family of Sansepolcro, who maintained the building as an outpost for the defense of their possessions.

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