From Matera to the moon: The Apollo Soundtrack brings a unique moment to life 50 years later

Jun 27, 2019 202

The Apollo 11 moon landing was 50 years ago, but the images of humans walking on the powdery lunar surface, the earth rising behind them, are every bit as awe-inspiring today as they were in 1969. In Matera, the city in Southern Italy that’s the 2019 European Capital of Culture, this powerful moment will come to life with the Apollo Soundtrack, a multimedia performance in the evocative open-air space of Cava del Sole.

Matera is pulling out all the stops to put itself on the European cultural map this year, and the Apollo performance is just the sort of powerfully creative and immersive experience that locals and visitors have come to expect. The Apollo Soundtrack was originally written in 1983 by the master of ambience, Brian Eno, alongside his brother Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois.

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