Out of World War II, America’s national pastime was born in Italy

Dec 05, 2022 169

During World War II, the Allied push to rid the Nazis from the peninsula began with the invasion of Sicily in 1943. This was followed with the long, yet successful campaigns of Naples and then finally in 1944 with the beach head landing on Anzio beach. Nearby is the town of Nettuno, only 35 kilometers from Rome.

This city would play an important role in developing America’s National Pastime in Italy. Nettuno PS was the first baseball squad in Italy. The early players were all candidates for the police. Nettuno PS (Polizia dello Stato). This squad would eventually win 17 scudetti (championships) of the LIB (Lega Italiana di Baseball). In addition, the squad won (La Coppa Europa) the European Cup 7 times since its inception in 1963.

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SOURCE: https://italianamericanherald.com

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