Parma Cathedral Ranks as the Second Most Appreciated Tourist Attraction in Italy

Aug 30, 2023 360

To help travelers decide which places to prioritize and which ones to avoid on a trip to Italy, the learning platform Preply analyzed online reviews of over 3,000 popular attractions to discover the 30 tourist attractions that disappoint visitors the most. The ranking, curated by Preply, is the result of a comprehensive evaluation of reviews and ratings on TripAdvisor. See the full analysis here.

Must-Visit Places. With a staggering 68 million tourists visiting Italy each year, it’s one of the most-visited countries globally. Its natural and artistic beauty, coupled with its rich history and architecture, have always captivated visitors, both Italian and foreign. One tourist attraction that has been very successful, receiving a 97.5% positive review rate, is the Galleria Borbonica in Naples.

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