Piadina from Romagna Obtains IGP Quality Recognition

Nov 14, 2014 1157

I praise the recent European Union's decision to grant piadina Protected Geographic Indication status (IGP in Italian or PGI in English) to safeguard it from poor quality imitations and fakes.

I am a native of Emilia-Romagna and therefore I may be a bit biased, but I think piadina is one of the most delectable dishes (yes, not just a snack) of Italian cuisine, especially when I think about the piadina made by my nonna, who, being from Rimini, really knew piadina - she of course prepared it from scratch (just like she did with tortellini and lasagna). I have never tasted a better piadina than the one she made!

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Source: http://www.italymagazine.com

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