San Galgano and the original sword in the stone

Jun 25, 2018 437

This is the story of the knight Galgano and how a vision made him renounce to wealth, war and women in name of a life of meditation and prayer. This is a story where faith, legend, history and literature merge in one intriguing tale, to the dénouement of which, in truth, we won’t be able to come. This is a story of Tuscan hills, hermits, abbeys and secluded chapels, filled with the scents of incense, religion and popular lore. This is the story of a sword, buried deep into the stone and of the holy man who stuck it there almost 1000 years ago. 

Think of the sweet, rolling hills of Siena's countryside, around the middle of the 12th century: we’re in the Middle Ages, magical yet often misinterpreted times of profound faith and chilling superstition, of illiteracy and sublime poetry, of dirt and breathtaking art. An era of dichotomies and opposites, an era, indeed, where the otherworldly crossed into the lives of people with an uncommon regularity, or so literature and tradition passed on to us.

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