The 14 Italian piazzas that every traveler should see

Sep 01, 2016 614

Italian piazzas, or squares, are the beating hearts of every Italian town and city. They can be big or small, intimate or dramatic, humble, opulent, old, new and everything in between. In fact, sometimes a piazza isn't a square at all (see: the Piazza del Campo in Siena, among others).

What all Italian piazzas have in common is their civic and symbolic importance: They're the physical center of the community and also its prime outdoor theater; home to the most important political buildings, the main cathedral, cafes, restaurants, and sometimes monuments or fountains. There's no better place to people watch in Italy than in a piazza. We've compiled a list of our 14 favorite Italian piazzas but before we get to it, a brief note on history...

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