The 5 Italian processions to see once in a lifetime

Apr 03, 2015 1067

The procession is one of the most traditional ways of bringing the divine out of its usual place, from the altar and the church. The shared movement of a crowd of people huddled close to each other as they pass along the streets of a town, or elsewhere, is a fundamental mode of expanding spirituality. It physically and geographically spreads the presence of the god or saint, accompanying it on the route in a fundamental act that gives emotional cohesion to the community.

On the occasion of the Holy Week of Easter, a period rich in processions throughout Italy (here are 10 unmissable examples in Sicily), we present five particularly suggestive processions found throughout Italy: from the hooded worshippers of Enna in Sicily to the procession with the snakes in Abruzzo, through some gory processions in Calabria. Almost all of them take place at this time, so you could arrange to go and see them with your own eyes (here are other 10 unmissable festivals in Italy to attend in 2015).

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