The secrets of Trentino Alto Adige’s cuisine

Sep 05, 2015 1102

by Claudia Astarita

Sunny may not be the first adjective that springs to mind to describe a region whose main features are valleys and mountain peaks. But in Trentino-Alto Adige even the mountains seem to be made of light. Here, two gastronomic traditions live side by side: one of Veneto roots in the area of Trento, and the other of German origin in Alto Adige.

Trentino-Alto Adige is above all a territory whose environmental and climatic variety make it unique among the regions of Italy. Here, the culture of the olive is interwined with that of Alpine pastures. The land is characterised by glaciers and streams, forests and meadows, but also by warmer, Mediterranean scenery. Local products – wine, cheese, honey, fruit and vegetables to mention but a few – are excellent, not only because of the environment, but also because of the care and love which the farmers and growers dedicate to them. 

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